Engraved slate house signs made in Lancashire

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Attention: Wanna give your home the perfect unique touch? Interest: Our slate house signs are made in the UK and we offer you something creative and one of a kind. With just a few clicks, have your address engraved into quality slate to make it stand out from all other houses on the street!

This timeless piece of art is designed to be personalised with whatever house name or number that you wish. Make sure visitors can find their way without any stress – even if they don’t have GPS!

Desire: You won’t need to worry about weathering or fading due to our special coating which creates this robust look last for years – no matter rain, wind or shine. Plus, feel free to pick between three sizes – small, medium and large- so everyone knows how important you think your house is (…or how generous)!


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Engraved slate house signs made in Lancashire


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