Engraved slate house signs Trending in 2016 – Slate & Copper

Warm up and get cosy this Autumn | Winter with Copper and Gold tones

Starting to feel autumnal now that the nights are setting in and the temperatures start to chill? Here at Platters Slate, we were inspired to bring back a bit of that warm glow and bring a touch of glamour to our ever evolving slate product range, including or exclusive engraved slate house signs.

A brew solves everything!

The saying goes that a cup of tea makes things better…how right this is for us here at our very own slate craft workshop in Lancashire, UK.  It began with “pu’ tha kettle on cock” when that draft picked up just about a week ago!   From there we nursed our brews and came up with our plan to bring some warm tones to our shop this autumn/winter.

John, our master crafter who has over 45 years in statecraft is always at the forefront of our product development.  Since it is John’s very own dextrous hands and his expert skill which will craft all of our slate products, his input and knowledge is invaluable. With imaginative creations like our engraved slate house signs, John really is the master.

When you get something right, why change it, just make it better!  Since starting our business in the shed of our garden we now know which products our customer’s love time and time again.  Our slate tray range is incredibly beautiful, practical and of very high quality.  That was when we decided to switch it up by introducing a wider grip, elongated, slim line copper handle to our rectangle slate tray and our large wave tray products.

What features can I expect?

Our new slate ware trays not only look fashionable, but are practical and durable to be used around your home, kitchen or restaurant!  One of our customers said:

“This is just what my daughter was looking for…she’s been looking for an antipasti board to entertain her friends at the weekends.  She will be delighted that I have found this for her!”

We know that a number of our customers love to serve food on their slate trays, but they are proud to keep it on their coffee and dining tables as a feature and centre piece.  This is why we chose the beautiful and sleek copper handle, it completely contrasts with the hand riven cut slate and it’s earthy dark black colour.  The colours and tones ooze chic and style so much that we couldn’t wait to add it to our shop!

Here at Platters Slate product durability and lifespan is very important to us.  For this reason, each slateware product comes with:

  • protective heat and scratch pads
  • heat resistant, food safe treatment
  • indoor and outdoor proofing.

We are very proud that all of our items including our engraved slate house signs are individually hand made here in our all family staffed workshop and mill shop in Rossendale, Lancashire.

Imagine all of the possibilities

We have all had those moments when we sign up to inviting guests around for a ‘Come Dine with Me’ type experience, but then realise that we not only need to be a sous chef for the night but also need to be best dressed to impress!

In 2016 we are all able to define our own style as there is so much variety and choice in interior design than ever.  Define your home with luxury by sticking with the classic ingredients; texture, colour, layering and key features.

Don’t be scared to mix it up and experiment with colour  alongside the black of the slate and copper handle.  To stay fresh and clean, adopt a pastel palette, such as mint greens or a touch of soft pink or keep it simple with white and cream tones.  To bring warmth and richness to your style, introduce rich reds, luxurious indigo or deep blues.  The key is to keep the copper metal tone as an accent to your design, therefore select key feature pieces which will catch your guest’s eye! Other metallic additions could include light fixtures, wall accessories, mirrors and clocks.  Check out our Platters Interiors and engraved slate house signs for inspiration!

Let us know how you use your slate tray and win engraved slate house signs

Share a photo of your dining/entertaining experience using our slate trays for the chance to win an engraved slate house sign…the perfect addition to your home!

Share using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email (customerservice@plattersslate.com).

Thanks for reading, from us all at Platters Slate, Daniel, John, Christine & Michelle

Engraved slate house signs Trending in 2016 – Slate & Copper


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