Laser Engraving & Sandblast Service

Laser and sandblast engraving is a great way to brand any item with your own logo, design, image or photo.

We are now offering our laser engraving and sandblast service to both local, Manchester, Lancashire, North West businesses along with working at a national level with UK based brands and companies.

We use two methods of engraving /cutting / etching in our workshop and both can be used to engrave / cut / etch a large range of materials listed below.

Laser engraving materials: Slate, Wood, Leather, Paper, Card, Glass, Stone, Plastic, Acrylic, Fabrics.

Sandblast engraving materials: Slate, Wood, Glass, Stone

We offer the above services to both trade and retail customers. If you have a project, product or just something unique you would like engraving please contact us on 01706 962008 – or via the the contact form.


If you have a project you would like us to design / quote / for please send the details through to us at or via the contact form.

We offer a full service from design and set up, all the way through to engraving, finishing, packaging and dispatch.
As a small / medium workshop we work on both lower and higher volume projects.

Laser Engraving

Is a machine and software based method which burns away layers of the material to achieve the required design. This method is great for intricate and high volume work but cannot be infilled with colour.

Sandblast Engraving

Is a manual method which has a deeper groove finish and can be infilled with colour/paint. This method is great for signage and more contrast desired designs. Due to the nature of this process we are restricted when it comes to highly intricate projects.