Personalise a gift for your keen knitter!


Knitting is an incredibly therapeutic hobby, and it’s a practice that has been passed from generation to generation. The repetitive movements are calming and soothing, and the feel of sof yarn in your hands can quickly bring about a sense of joy and peace. If you know someone who loves to knit, you’re likely to have seen some of the amazing creations they’ve made – beautiful jumpers, colourful cardigans, fashionable hats and cozy mittens – winter won’t stand a chance! With knitting making a big comeback – with over 7.3 million taking up the hobby, you can treat someone special who takes their care and time over their craft.

And if you’re hoping to find the perfect personalised knitting gift for them, consider Platters Slate as your go-to source. Our personalised wooden sign gift has arrived on our website. Personalised_Knitting_Room_Gift_Wooden_Door_or_Wall_Sign_top_viewThis quirky wooden sign comes with their own name and your chosen message that is sure to brighten up their craft corner or knitting nook. With this heartfelt gifts there’ll be something special they can look back on fondly for years to come!




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