New Design – Copper & Slate Whisky Dispenser – Now Available

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This luxurious spirit dispenser is handcrafted to order in our Lancashire workshop. (Bottle Included)

Our craftsman selects only the most beautiful, highly textured pieces of slate. The character of the stone surface is complimented by hand-brushed solid COPPER.

This dispenser is designed to fit any standard long necked spirit bottle, (for example full-sized rum, whisky or vodka bottles). The unit is simply turned over, to be pushed firmly down onto the neck of the open bottle. The entire dispenser can then be placed on any level surface.

We include a decorative soda-lime glass decanting bottle, for use with any tipple sold in shorter-necked bottles. (You will also receive a decanting funnel and cork.)

All of the hand-polished metal in this piece is protected within a poured layer of glass-like clear epoxy resin. This glossy coating offers a hardwearing, lustrous finish, resistant to discolouration.

The dispensing mechanism is easy to use. Our solid COPPER lever releases one 25ml measure with each press. 

The unit is simple to keep clean, by decanting warm soapy water through the system followed by fresh water between bottles.


  • Height of dispenser: 35cm
  • Height including our dispensing bottle: 56cm
  • Width of the base: 25cm
  • Depth of the base: 20cm
  • The dispenser weighs approximately 7kg.


The slate surfaces of the dispenser are coated with natural oils and as such, abrasive cleaning products should not be applied to the dispenser. 

To clean the inside of the dispenser, dispense one bottle of warm water mixed well with an antibacterial soap, such as a mild washing up liquid. Follow with plain warm water to remove all trace of cleaning fluids.

Clean the top and bottom connectors, as well as the epoxy surfaces well with a damp cloth and antibacterial soap.

Natural slate gives any sign an inimitable, timeless feel because of its unchanging appearance. Its elegance and personality confer a unique character.

About Us.

At Platters Slate we provide the highest level of service to both consumer and business, therefore we have made it our priority to offer a bespoke cutting and design service. For more info please contact us

New Design – Copper & Slate Whisky Dispenser – Now Available


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