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Getting out and about in Rossendale Valley is essential for any local struggling with cabin fever. A trip to the great outdoors lifts your spirits, clears yer head an’ feels twice as sweet when you return home! Whether it’s a stroll around our historic streets or hiking up Peel Tower – every single step counts towards that feel-good boost we all need sometimes.



For years now I have always loved the quirks of the place we live in Haslingden and Helmshore; the old cotton mills, the ruins of villages, the fields for grazing livestock. I love the walk from Helmshore to Robin Hood’s well which embarks onto the uphill journey to Holcombe Hill. It’s there I love to encourage our eldest daughter to walk that bit further and challenge her to be the first to spot the large monument towering over Ramsbottom.




Once you turn the corner on the dirt track to arrive at Peel Tower, I always love to take a picture of them pretending to hold the tower in their hands – classic photographer’s trick which children love!   Peel_tower_platters_slateWe tend to find the least windy spot for a snack and then look to the distance to find the Hilton in Manchester.  If we’re feeling tired and in need of some pub grub, then we don’t have to travel far to the nearest watering hole – The Shoulder of Mutton.  Sometimes though a hot chocolate and a sandwich is all we need.



Finding moments to get out on walks like these is special and its because of this that we constantly feel inspired by our Lancashire surroundings.  What makes you feel proud of where you live?  Do you like to walk alone or with friends? What things in the surroundings can you hone in on and take notice of; something of natural beauty or perhaps industrial buildings adorning the landscape with their revolutionary remains.


Whatever it is that inspires you, appreciate it for that moment and build that positive energy. Having our own shop means we can express that gratitude and share peel_tower_abstract_artour Peel Tower art with you.  We’ve recently added a personalised Peel Tower house sign to our collection of signs & Peel Tower Slate clock; so if you’re from Ramsbottom and its surrounds or Peel Tower is a special place for you; you can show it off with pride of place in your home.

In the meantime please do let us know if there any wonderful walks to be had in and around Rossendale.

Happy walking!

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Out and About On Foot


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