Slate House Signs

Natural Slate House Signs


Seen as are high quality SLATE HOUSE SIGNS are, our BEST-SELLING PRODUCT right now, we have decided to give you a little bit more info on how they are crafted, designed, and personalised to what individually suit you the best, letting you get your head them a little bit more.

How they are made

Our slate house signs are handmade, using traditional slate cutting methods, hand cut using our slate guillotine and other traditional hand tools.

All created in the county Lancashire, UK.


If you wish to order our handmade, unique slate house signs every one of your choices is up to you, and I mean you can choose your very own size AND which ever shape you desire (of certain quantities).

Onto your engraving details there will be a maximum character count depending on the size or the shape chosen, which is done by masonry and laser engraving techniques. Also giving you a choice of gold, silver or white infill.

We also offer photo engraving and logo engraving!


The price range we offer on our slate house signs range from £6-£150.


You can find and buy these products via our website

Or you can visit our very own Mill Shop:

Springvale Mill, Waterside Rd, Haslingden, Rossendale BB4 5EZ

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Slate House Signs


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